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All About the Wildlife in Your Backyard

What to do if you come across one of these lovely creatures and more 

Anyone who believes that they have found injured wildlife and wish to bring it to us will be charged a $30 assessment fee. This will cover assessment and initial treatment, or euthanasia if appropriate.  If the animal is stable, then we will pass it back to the finder for release or transfer to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Just a reminder that birds and bunnies will still take care of their young even if you have touched them!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Wildlife Resources:

Does the baby bunny you found need our help? :


Does the baby bird you found need our help? :


To find a wildlife rehabber near you:


A Wildlife Pro DFW

Animal Removal & Repairs
Carefully helping people and animals share our city

Katherine Bryson 

CEO & Wildlife Rehabilitator
(214)606-1987 or dfwwildlifepro@live.com

To better understand zoonotic (transmissible to humans) diseases found in local wildlife:

List of diseases found in Texas:


Brochure of common diseases: